Effective tactics for online teaching system and physical classes

Well, in the context of this pandemic the role of a teacher is more significant, as online teaching system from home is not an effortless, and smooth activity to carry on.

Teachers are expected to be the most standard personalities of society because they are responsible and capable too in making as well as shaping the mindset of a child. Well, in the context of this pandemic the role of a teacher is more significant, as online teaching system from home is not an effortless, and smooth activity to carry on.

Various methods were carried out by the teachers to engage students in online learning, as this kind of learning was not focused before the breakout of these pandemics in historic times. People and children were not aware of online learning and teaching enough. The role of the teacher in this duration is the most pondering one. An instructor has to carry on the student and teacher interaction in any kind of situation and this role is played well to continue the phase of learning while sitting at home.

Ways to produce quality online leaning

There are different ways to help in enhancing remote learning, the very first and effective way of this kind of learning is based on a suggestion in which the teacher needs to under consider all the general and specific problems of a child. Afterwards, a teacher should go for a flexible decision in which all students can adjust themselves and a single policy will work more productively.

Instructions and assisting strategies for online teaching

It’s being more than 6 months that online teaching system has replaced the physical method of teaching. There are many educational institutes which are still closed in order to follow safety measures of COVID-19. Following strategies may be helpful in building an effective interaction between the teacher and student in the wake of online learning.

Organization and internet speed

The most obvious factor is the organization of the class in which a teacher must deliver the entire lecture following the rules of learning and using tools for better teaching. The teacher must have good internet access so that the teaching and learning method may continue easily.

Staying intact with the students

The only factor that will enhance the success rate of an online class is the interactivity and implementation of students and yes all can be done by the effective role of teacher. Teachers need to introduce questioning and answering session as well as different case studies so that all students of a class may get proper knowledge and stay alert whilst the lecture is going on. This kind of practice may increase the number of ratio in online learning.

Establishment of monitoring and time management

Institutes must arrange meetings regarding the monitoring of the students so that they devise methods to deliver an online lecturer more smoothly. In an online class, teachers need to distribute the lecture timing appropriately which may be possible by breaking single-long lecture into two or three modules so that students may not lack concentration in a class. This can be done by dividing a single topic into multiple as well as many faculty members are not able to use the online setup properly. Hence, there is a great need for the orientation sessions so that students don’t face any technical issue anymore

Arranging an alternative for students from backward areas

Keep in mind that many students in a country like Pakistan belong to an area where the internet is not working well due to which they are not able to get the lectures. Students from such backward areas face poverty and lack of infrastructural development. Many of them are not having pieces of equipment for online classes. Faculty must offer an opportunity for those to cope up with this type of situation.

Providing online lectures and handouts

In some universities, the recorded lectures were provided whereas some teachers are sharing the handouts so that the chain of getting knowledge and stream of learning may run smoothly.

Strategies to overcome the effect of COVID-19 on studies

The teacher is the one who feels that he is also in a continual learning phase. Yes, after the reopening of many schools and colleges different other problems are being faced by the teachers during these weeks.

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Students from Montessori campus till the 8th grade are more difficult to tackle after this pandemic in physical classes. Many kids forgot the general letters they could not even recognize the word patterns and others are not showing interest in learning and writing due to a long-time break. Therefore, after the reopening of institutions, it is very challenging to deal with this condition. Tactics listed below in this article are helpful in recovering these shortcomings occurred in the educational institutions after the online teaching system.

  • The teacher must show a warm attitude towards students so that the interaction may continue and students may feel the learning atmosphere friendly.
  • Allowing the students to make mistakes would groom their self-learning.
  • Adding an element of entertainment within the lecture might help in minimizing the burden of studies.
  • Enabling the students to share their opinions would be best enough for building a friendly learning relationship between a teacher and student.