Educational reforms: The change dispatchers in prevailing times

Education is the most important weapon to make a state powerful or to nullify its performance. Similarly, for the maintenance of state, educational reforms are the most essential tools to keep the system up to date. This article will enlighten the path of information regarding the significant reforms compulsory for Pakistan's progress.

Across the globe, especially in developed regions of the world, the professionalism is totally different as compared to underdeveloped regions of the world. Professionalism is defined as “Acting in a practical manner by pursuing the relevant field of interest and growing up with the flow of innovation”. Innovation is derived from the skills adopted in a respective field of interest by seeking futuristic needs. However, educational reforms and essential reforms in other departments are imperative tools to bring quality in the development process.    

Occurrence of reforms

Moreover, reforms are said to have occurred after the implementation of innovatory skills by different types of methodologies by professionals of the respective field. On the other hand, every sphere of life is captured by innovatory methodologies by performing skills via practical work on ground level.

European development

Individuals belong to European regions have excelled themselves in every field of life by following ethical choice in behavioural ethos, affirmative approach towards their professional pathways and by pursuing leadership skills to communicate by enhancing the area of interest. Today, The European region is moving towards a modern globalised technological era, because they pursue the mindset of purity.

Role of International universities

On the other hand, educational institutions have established numerous ways of reforms in the educational pathway by mastering their students in critical thinking, and leadership skills by enhancing quality of education. Quality of education deepens one’s thinking approach and leads towards innovation and visionary ideas. Without the assistance of governmental bodies, educational reforms in every institution are inevitable.

China’s development

Mentioning some practical examples of China shows an emerging superpower of the world by competing with the United States of America. Till the era of former President of USA, China was uplifting its economy on massive grounds. But, due to the existence of global pandemic China’s economy seemed to be earthed but their leadership has lifted the economy in a wise manner.

Changing the fate

The role of educational reforms in developed regions of the world seemed fabulous. As today’s era is named as a global technological era due to their hard work and persistence efforts by critical thinking and affirmative approach towards leadership skills. In the pretext of Islamic republic of Pakistan, the general public is lacking behind these educational reforms.

Education in Pakistan

By overviewing the concept of education in Pakistan, the silverfish (rotten) system has taken place in order to develop robots in the shape of human beings. We have adopted this curriculum from developed countries and accepted slavery. So, the main issue behind this slavery was our unfair leadership who has governed Pakistan since independence.

Musharraf epoch

During Musharraf’s era, the Higher Education Commission was established. But, in Pakistan, there is a multi-educational curriculum being inherited like Cambridge and British. So, there is a similarity between the three curricula. Moreover, till now higher education commission is not well established and is not pursuing the demands of students for their better well-being.

Lack of training

First of all, there is lack of training programs for mentors on a governmental level, these pieces of training have taken place in private entities and associations, this issue arises when HEC declined the budget for universities in order to not to pursue a high-level platform for teachers.

On the other hand, different universities have commenced counseling for students, but there is a lack of counseling for mentors. When there exists an equal behavioural spectrum between students then there will be hope for a better future for this generation.

Code of ethics

Ethics is a core need of general public for underdeveloped countries like Pakistan. So, the Higher Education System is lacking behind several tools for creating leaders for tomorrow. Political ethos has been divided into educational institutions. Whenever, there is emergence of politics in educational institutions there will be a lack of ethical conduct between students and mentors.

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Moreover, global technological era accepts critical thinkers with wise mindsets along with open-minded individuals. In Pakistan, there is the inheritance of adopted syllabus, implemented by policymakers which are not pursuing the demands of youth of Pakistan.

Consequences of reforms

Reforms have changed every society’s fate. Underdeveloped countries are following these reforms in order to move forward their society towards progress. As Western societies have paved their steps in the current era by uplifting them from the epoch of stone age. On the other hand, if we think deeply on the emergence of these reforms than it is easy to conclude that these steps are taken by human beings for the development of well-being since Stone Age.

 Changing in module

So, there should be initiation of policymaking for the education system. In consequence, young generation should be able to compete on a global level rather than competing one each other in a small classroom. This concept also creates politics among students and enhance the culture of leg-pulling in order to get improved in every subject.

So, this atmosphere is seeking change for a better environment. There is the liability of policymakers to think in progressive ways to develop affirmative order by pursuing global ethos and get rid of short-term planning, if, they are intent for affirmative change, Pakistan will prosper on a global level soon.