Dubai Safari Park re-opens with thrilling adventure

Dubai Safari Park re-opens and an unprecedented wildlife treasure worth the wait. So, what are you waiting for, just grab a ticket to explore the wildlife that will definitely knock your socks off!

The breathtaking ‘safari park’ is back with new wild wow factors. Finally, the wait is over! Dubai safari Park re-opens on Monday, after two years of long closure. Fans who are in love with wildlife are getting high as a kite.

Earlier this year, the news popped up that Dubai safari park will open in the coming months. It was expected to reopen in the starting months of 2020 but this year turned out to be rampant. So, the reopening of the safari park got delayed.

However, Dubai safari park confirmed the opening via different social media platforms but kept the official date hidden but very soon this hiatus came to an end and turned into a pleasant surprise, earlier, the wildlife junkies who set a snooze button on their entertainment are extremely happy.

Background of Dubai safari park

Dubai safari park came into being on the 12th of December 2017 and is one of the leading tourist destinations getting appreciation worldwide. it’s an eco-friendly park with 2500 animals of 250 species from all over the world. It’s located on Alwarqa 5 hatta road, Dubai.

It turned from an old Dubai zoo to a safari park on its 50th anniversary when they had only 1000 animals. They faced criticism internationally on the habitat and surroundings in which the animals were kept that they could barely move. So, the municipality of Dubai came up with a decision of moderating and enhancing the zoo. The project was then handed over to Meraas a UAE conglomerate and the rest is history.

Some interesting facts about Dubai safari park

There are countless amazing facts about the park to name a few, let’s start with the already existing hallmark of this park it has 5 major areas known as safari village, Asian village, wadi village, Aslan village, and Arabian village. People can visit a wide range of animals accordingly.

It has a wide range of animals like giraffe, rhino horses, lions, African elephants, zebras and other species.

A wildlife animal reserve and education centre are located in Warqa 5 and its objectives are animal protection, nutrition, welfare, to educate people about it and last but not least to enhance its popularity. 

The reason behind its closure

Dubai safari park opened its gates for visitors and tourists of all ages in December 2017 for the first time and closed it down shortly in 2018 due to the summer season. That was the primary reason but the break prolonged and it remained shut ever since. The other reasons for its closure included the damage caused by visitors, the area for animals was a bit congested and lack of modern facilities.

What’s new?

In a statement to the media Dawoud Al Hajri, director-general of Dubai Municipality said: “The redesigned Dubai Safari has many unique interactive programs combined into the safari journey that provides visitors a unique and memorable experience.”

He further stated that “Not only can they see different types of animals from across the world, but they can also enjoy activities, performances, that will be a source of infotainment for them.”

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Furthermore, a renovated reptile house will make people awestruck. Animals also used their spare time efficiently and the number of wildlife increased by approximately 3000.

It marked a huge success in breeding of new species as hippos’ donkeys’ zebras’ reptiles and birds. More green and shaded areas will make people fall in love with this safari park all over again.

Certainly, the management will follow the safety measurements and protocols of the animals and people and make sure that people will have a complete pandemic free experience that will never obliterate.

Overall, it’ll provide a vast range of interactive, educational, and entertainment experiences. Dubai Safari Park re-opens and an unprecedented wildlife treasure worth the wait.

So, what are you waiting for, just grab a ticket to explore the wildlife that will definitely knock your socks off!