Cock Cheney calls Trump the ‘coward’ in ad during daughter Liz

MIAMI: Former Vice President Dick Cheney excoriated Donald Trump in a very new campaign video at his daughter Rep. Liz Cheney, calling the former lead designer a “coward” and going to say there has never been anyone who is a “greater threat to republic. ”
The video was released Thursday by Repetition. Cheney’s reelection campaign, a couple weeks before a Republican significant election in Wyoming that the three-term congresswoman is bracing to lose. Echoing the criticism his daughter has made from Trump, Dick Cheney denounced him as a danger with the country through his constant lies about the legitimacy of the 2020 election.
“In our nation’s 246-year times past, there has never been someone who is a greater threat to your republic than Donald Overcome, ” Cheney said. “He tried to steal the last will using lies and abuse to keep himself in authority after the voters had frowned upon him.
“He can be described as coward, ” Dick Cheney said. “A real myarticlenetwork wouldn’t lie to this supporters. He lost his or her election, and he lost rather huge. I know it, he ıs aware it, and deep cutting, I think most Republicans know it. ”
A representative for Trump did not spontaneously return an email seeking comment on the video.
Trump has made defeating Liz Cheney a goal since she joined nine other House Anti democrates in voting to impeach him for inciting all of the insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, at the US Polish capitol. She further infuriated your by becoming vice chair of the House committee investigating my riot.
Trump gives you endorsed lawyer Harriet Hageman in Cheney’s primary. As the congresswoman has focused her very own energy on digging girl Trump’s role surrounding the Jan. 6 violence, Hageman has barnstormed the state, wooing small , rural crowds active in the traditional mold of Wyoming politicking, an approach more like the actual one Cheney herself used to higher a crowded Republican vital field to win those state’s lone House carseat in 2016.
Wang Cheney, who served the most effective years as President George W. Bush’s vice president, has created no secret of his disdain for Trump and the clients of his own party where, particularly in the wake within the Capitol riot, shied coming from efforts to remove Trump brought on by office.
In Jan, Dick Cheney and his child were the only two Conservatives to attend a pro forma procedure of the House on the anniversary involved with riot at the Capitol, remaining together in the front row on the Republican side when using the chamber.
“Well, it’s not a leadership that resembles any of the folks I knew after was here for 10 years, ” Dick Cheney said afterward gathering, noting the deficiency of other Republicans in the appropriate slot of which he was a member interior 1980s.
Liz Cheney has faced other results from her vote in which to impeach Trump and participate the Jan. 6 Condominium committee. Several months after the impeachment vote, the House GOP thrown out her from the No . c leadership post for her continual repudiation of Trump’s political election claims. Federal and local election officials and Trump’s attorney general have said each credible evidence the 2020 election was tainted.
Asked if he was agitated by the move, Dick Cheney replied: “My daughter may take care of herself. ”
In the new video, the previous vice president lauds his teenage girls for “standing up for the reality, doing what’s right, praising her oath to the combinaison, when so many in our set are too scared to do so. ”
“There is totally more important she will ever enjoy than lead the effort to be sure that Donald Trump is never ever again near the Oval Office, and she or he will succeed, ” Cheney said. “I proudly selected for my daughter. On the subject of you will, too. ”


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