Data storage devices: The imperative components of all eras

Finalizing the long-awaited tasks could be sorted with a few clicks only. Therefore, without an iota of doubt, we can say that advancement in data storage devices has played a vital role in modernizing the world. 

Data storage devices are part of the computer hardware in which we store our information. The information that is stored, can be saved temporarily and permanently. We also call it the digital divide and storage medium because we can store information while using this technology.

Types of storage devices

There are two types of storage devices. One is called primary storage devices and the other is called secondary storage devices. Random Access Memory (RAM) comes in primary storage. Secondary storage includes a hard drive. Secondary storage is a device that is removable, external, and internal.

Example of Storage devices

There are many examples of technology in which we have magnetic storage devices which is a very popular storage device. There are other examples in which we have optical storage devices, flash memory devices, online and cloud and paper storage. These technologies were further divided into categories. However, it doesn’t matter how many technologies we are using or what are their types, they all have the same task of storing data.

The necessity of storage devices 

Storage devices are very important because without them we cannot store our information as well as data and the files we are trying to store will not be stored and what we have set up will not be remembered by the computer. As the advancement in computers increases, so does the advancement in computer technology enhances too. That’s why storage requirements are increasing because people need more and more space to store their data that could be formal or informal.

Data storage in the past and present

If we compare the storage device from the past with the present ones, we know what the technology was like before and now what has been added to it. Looking today, we can store 4 tetra bytes of data, which is more than enough for any hardcore computer, it is estimated that hard devices will be able to store 60 gigabytes of data by 2020.

There are many examples of the rapid growth of technology and increased storage capacity. Therefore, the use of a commercial hard drive begun in 1957. In the 1990s, when we used PC hardware drives, the capacity was 1 gigabyte. And today the hard drive has a capacity of 1 to 8 tetra bytes. So capacity increases day by day and technology evolves.

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On the other hand, in 1995 the first micro SD card was available for storage and at that time, the maximum capacity was 128 megabytes. These days, you can purchase a micro SD card that can store up to 128 gigabytes of information. It represents the evolution of information and technology.

When punch cards were first used, the magnetic media used for floppy disks in the first computers did not exist. Then the floppy diskettes were released, and they were replaced by the CD-ROM drive. Afterwards, the CD was replaced with a DVD drive and then the system was replaced with a flash drive.

Best devices in the present era

In the hot climate, computers are using SSB technologies to store information. They have the ability to access cloud storage using a USB flash drive. The large storage devices nowadays are hard drives and SSB. NVMe with SSDS and cloud storage are recently developed technologies. Most desktop computers or laptops with a disk drive have the ability to read and write CDs and DVDs. Other devices being used in present times are, punch cards, floppy diskette, zip disk, Blu-ray disc, and Tap drive.

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I believe that today’s innovation is better because everything including our thoughts is not constant and variation is the need of the hour. With the passing time, the technological era is modifying the pre-existing devices with a plethora of innovative advancements and is making progress. Finalizing the long-awaited tasks could be sorted with a few clicks only. Therefore, without an iota of doubt, we can say that advancement in data storage devices has played a vital role in modernizing the world.