Covid Jab: Russia begins vaccinating animals

Covid Jab in Russia claim to have begun vaccinating animals.

Covid Jab in Russia claim to have begun vaccinating animals. Russia stated in March that it has registered the world’s first animal-specific vaccine.

According to local media, Russia’s veterinary authority, Rosselkhoznadzor, has begun immunizations at veterinary clinics in several locations.

The EU, Argentina, South Korea, and Japan have expressed interest in the Carnivak-Cov vaccine, according to the agency.While experts claim there is little indication that animals play a substantial role in the disease’s transmission to people, illnesses have been verified in a variety of animals around the world.Dogs, cats, monkeys, and mink are among them.The protection period following a Carnivak-Covid Jab is anticipated to be six months.

According to the RIA news agency, Julia Melano, the adviser to the chairman of Rosselkhoznadzor, clinics are noticing an increase in vaccination requests from “breeders, pet-owners who travel regularly, and also people whose animals roam freely.”Zoetis, a veterinary pharmaceutical company based in the United States, is working on another vaccine.

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Mink, which are semi-aquatic creatures bred for their fur, have had a significant problem with Covid-19. Infections have been observed in farmed mink in a number of countries, with some animals becoming seriously ill or dying as a result.

The greatest mink outbreak occurred in Denmark, which resulted in the culling of millions of animals and the entire shutdown of the business until 2022.There’s also evidence that mink have modified the virus and transferred it on to people.

This is not a Russian decision from today

The deputy head of the Russian Federal Agency for Veterinary and Plant Protection said that animals could be infected with some other species of the coronavirus family, except Covid-19;He announced in March:Russia has registered the world’s first animal vaccine against Covid-19.

In an interview with reporters, Konstantin Savonkov stressed the special importance of this vaccine and said:Some animal species are susceptible to the coronavirus, and cases of Covid-19 have been reported in many countries.

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He added:This is the first Covid-19 vaccine for animals in the world.

The Deputy Minister of the Federal Organization for Veterinary and Plant Protection of Russia stated:Carnival Cove clinical trials, which began in October last year, included dogs, cats, polar foxes, mink, foxes and other animals.

Saunkov said:The results of this study allow us to draw conclusions about the immunity of the vaccine and its high immunogenicity because all vaccinated animals tested produced antibodies to the Coronavirus in 100% of cases.Scientists from our organization are now continuing to study the duration of immunity, which is six months after the drug is prescribed.

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He added:Mass production of the vaccine could begin in early April, based on the country’s largest animal drug production platform at the Federal Center for Animal Health.In Russia, two cases of cat infection with the Coronavirus have been officially identified so far.

According to Russian scientists, the use of vaccines for animals can prevent viral mutations that often occur during transmission between pathogenic species.

Surkov said:There is no scientific evidence that coronavirus infection is transmitted from animals to humans.

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