COVID-19 Cases Onslaught: Youth is Evident Victim Now

It's a pity to hear the news about reporting of COVID-19 cases in children of special education. On the 5th of November, two schoolgirls of elementary education have been tested positive.

Reporting of COVID-19 cases in Faisalabad Medical University a flag bearer of health is deteriorating the very image of the institution that is meant to be a role model for its credibility. Vice-Chancellor Professor Doct. Zafar Chaudhary is feeling hapless in this period of turmoil. For him, it is more difficult to tackle the minds of students, staff and doctors.

Here comes the true training by the society that is family, teachers and peers. Time to reframe our strategies about education. Here Health Belief Model needs to be initiated taking all its essentials into the field. What health belief model really say about perceived susceptibility, perceived severity, perceived benefits, perceived obstacles, cues to actions and self-efficacy.

Health Belief Model

It’s a risk management model that portrays the sharing of knowledge to aware of the risk of deadly disease and adopt attitude consequently behaviour to avoid the severity of that disease. This attitude resultantly will convince the environment to fight the obstacles on social or financial costs to get the hoped benefits following cues of actions. Cue to actions is the area that needs to be tackled here in health communication more effectively. Here no doctors, students or other staff’s communication will work.

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The need of the time is to picture the people who caught COVID-19. Their story and fight with corona and casualties in a native regional language can assist to aware the masses at a large scale. Opinion leaders need to use their change agents in true spirit to halt the casualties. It’s imperatively important to establish camps for people and communicate through the regional opinion the repercussions of their careless attitude. Time to dialogue, diagnose, deterrence then development in its positive character.

Sledge efficacy

Then comes another stair of health communication that is sledge efficacy that is the apex of the success. Here the people virus-ridden will sustain their attitude, maintain it and manifests its different activities. This will prove that they are self-efficient with the help of themselves or the help of others.

Reporting of COVID-19 cases today at FMU Faisalabad Medical University in doctors and students at PMC hostel is bursting the nerves. PMC has become a hot area. Four cases have been reported from 28th October 2020.  District Health Officer said that in the month of October ten thousand people were screened and only 93 were positive but in the last 5 days, 1651 tests have been screened and 51 are positive. The situation is quite alarming.

Initiation of effective steps needed

As the sources say that letter has been written to the principal to take necessary steps. Sampling and screening test of all people entering PMC on an emergency basis is crucial. There should be no random sampling.
The charities and funds should be invested only in health. There is no need for construction of dams, roads and other infrastructures when the population is on verge of danger.

Virtual sessions

Exams of students and the start of new sessions at FMU are in pipeline. This is the high time when corona is trying to teach a lesson of virtual revolution. Use of technologies, cable networks, and screens can play the demanded need. Time for strict measures to isolate, to screen to seal and then accept and digest the online revolution in its true sense. If there is an option to present physically, install sanitizer walk through gates on all exit and entrance routes. Eyes on Vice-Chancellor who is capable enough to tackle the aggravated situation smoothly and effectively.

The emergence of COVID-19 cases in youth

It’s a pity to hear the news about reporting of COVID-19 cases in children of special education. On the 5th of November, two schoolgirls of elementary education have been tested positive. To add to that one cannot gauge how many girls, family members and staff has caught the pandemic.
“The Deputy Education Officer has been requested to seal the classes and offices. All stakeholders will be screened and COVID risk zones will be sealed for the next 15 days using smart lockdown” says,  doctor Asif Shehzad district health Officer.