COVID-19: Burgeoning cases in Europe amid second wave

Worried about the second wave of the Covid-19 in the upcoming winter season, Spain has to bring lockdown in European nation, said by the news reports.

In the prevailing times, Covid-19 has turned a new phase. By the World Health Organization (WHO), the global spread of the virus has overwhelmed health system and caused widespread social and economic disruption. WHO has been working on this virus since March 2020, and still digging deep into this virus. So, that they can control the continuous increase of Covid-19 victims. The main thing they have learned that the faster they isolate the victims; harder it would be for the virus to spread.

The world health organization sounded the alarm about a resurgence of COVID-19 in Europe. Its regional director noted that the caseload there is now at a greater rate than during the peak of the outbreak in March. Spain, France and Britain have the highest confirmed figures. Globally the pandemic has caused 300 million known infections; Europe counted 300,000 just last week.

The hardest-hit countries in the present scenario

With the increase in the world COVID-19 Victims, Europe is becoming one of the most affected regions of the world. From the beginning of March up to September, cases have been increased. The government is trying to solve the issues before the arrival of winter. Early in the pandemic, Spain was hit just about as hard as anywhere in Europe. It is noted that one of the five beds in every hospital is filled with the patients of COVID-19. The health workers from the hospital are taking care of the patients but, they need more resources and health workers as the patients are increasing with time.

Worried about the second wave of the Covid-19 in the upcoming winter season, Spain has to bring lockdown in European nation, said by the news reports. The economy is given importance but, without health, there’s no money. In one of the news on Thursday, the Czech Republic has discovered more than 3000 cases.

Public places open amid the second wave of COVID-19

Only Spain and France have been a bigger jump in the last two weeks. People have to wear a mask while going outside. The UK covered cases have doubled in a week, health officials are worried about an incline in infections and hospitals admissions. Next week people in more regions will be advised to not to mix with other members in their house.

According to some people, the government has given permission to go on holidays, to go to gyms and even to restaurants but they can’t have their own families to their house. People are saying that if they didn’t have come out from their houses early during lockdown they wouldn’t have been in this situation. The UK governments considering warnings from the scientific advisors that the restrictions may have to be imposed across England next month, to drive down transmission.

Fewer cases of COVID-19 in Greece

The coronavirus map of Europe has made one thing clear that the richer nations of western Europe have suffered more from the virus than countries in the eastern half of Europe. Greece which also carried out lock-down to restrain the virus from its constant expansion also has a smaller number of patients than the western region. In a population of 11 million, only 2,620 cases of coronavirus have been identified. Globally, as of 29th September 2020, there have been 33,589,118 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 1,007, 223 deaths, reported by WHO.

Officials across the region are sensible of the possibility of a new stream of infection is always present. Due to this reason, other countries are easing lockdowns on a condition that strict border control would help to stop the foreigners to visit at minimum and quarantine all new arrivals.