Couple Suspected of Manslaughter After Baby Goes Missing

Police have arrested Constance Marten and Mark Gordon on suspicion of gross negligence manslaughter as the search for their missing baby continues. The couple had previously been arrested on Monday on suspicion of child neglect after being missing for 53 days.

Detective Superintendent Lewis Basford from the Metropolitan Police said that the risk to the baby has increased with time, especially in cold weather. He added that police must now “be open to the fact this may not end in the way we would like”. Basford also said that little information had been gathered during interviews with the couple, and that police still do not know the sex of their baby.

Police are searching a 91-square-mile area in Brighton for the infant, believing that Marten and Gordon have been “in open land and open areas”. Basford said that the investigation is ongoing and that police are doing everything they can to find the baby “safe and well”.

The arrests of Marten and Gordon on suspicion of gross negligence manslaughter come as police continue to search for their missing infant. Detective Superintendent Basford has said that police must now consider the possibility that the baby “has come to harm”. He added that police are doing all they can to find the baby, but must be open to the fact that this may not end in the way they would like.

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