Christmas celebrations cancelled to curb COVID-19’s spread

Christmas celebrations will not continue as the pandemic is still going on. Due to Covid-19, the world has to pause the celebrations of Christmas as they used to be.

Time went by like passing cloud, and 2020 has come to an end, but this year Christmas celebrations will not be the same as before. Christmas celebrations cancelled as the pandemic is still going on. Due to Covid-19, the world has to pause the celebrations of Christmas as they used to do.

Statement of Public Health Officials

It’s exactly two weeks before the Christmas and it will be one like no other. Health officials
continue to suggest everyone inorder to celebrate safely and only with those you live with. Christmas is usually a time filled with visits to family and friends to catch-up, share foods and exchange gifts.

It’s tough to take that promise away from people after an incredibly difficult year. But public health officials warn that it just can’t be the same this time around. It’s hard to break with the traditions, even once. However, the best and safest decision for those we love is to no longer do the same just this one time.

Canadians urge to celebrate the Christmas as always

Despite repeated warnings of a potential post-holiday surge in cases, a recent Angus read poll found that “One-third of Canadians aren’t committing to safety concerns. It’s concerning but not surprising,” said the epidemiologist. She said that she is not oblivious to the fact that people really want to see their families and they really want to connect with others; the impacts can be quite far-reaching. To prevent any more cases, the most discussed idea is to stay quarantine with family for 14 days. Which is easier said
than done.

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Toronto’s best doctors suggested that this strategy should only apply to unique situations. Like students who are away at school and can’t stay at the residence, for those individuals in particular who need to come home.

Provincial orders in Ontario

Provincial orders also play a crucial role legally in Ontario that only 10 people are allowed indoors at one time and 25 outdoors. Whether there will be an enforcement offence over Christmas. People should know that what danger they will cause for themselves and others if they don’t implement on the necessary measures this Christmas.

Stewart City Parade cancelled due to Covid-19

Holiday tradition will have to wait one more year to get back underway. The City of Stewart
announced the Christmas parade will not be held in 2020. In a statement, the city called the cancellation a difficult decision. However, said the health and well-being of parade participants and volunteers and huge crowds that come are of course top priorities.
Each year roughly 15,000 people attend the Stewart Christmas parade. City’s Veteran day parade has also been cancelled because of Covid-19.

New traditions for this year Christmas celebration

For many people, the holiday is a time for joy and celebration, but this year there will be a different situation due to health crises. While there are plenty of reasons to feel down and disappointed that many holiday traditions aren’t happening this year, it’s a great time for families to find out or create new traditions for celebrations.

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Making new kind of cakes and dishes to enjoy your time with family together, decoration on Christmas trees with new and amazing little things at home or having a fun part with your family in the backyard of your house. All seems fun and joyful tradition added in this year’s Christmas celebrations.