Chipotle Stock Price Retreats from Record Highs: Levels to Watch | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

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Chipotle Stock Price Levels to Watch After Decline from Record High

Shares in fast casual chain Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) dropped more than 5% on Monday, giving back a further portion of the impressive gains the stock registered after the burrito maker announced a 50-for-1 stock split in March, as investors continue to take profits off the table.

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Chipotle Stock Confirms Bull Trap

Chipotle shares broke out from a six-week period of consolidation in mid-June to reach a new record high but have promptly reversed lower since that time to confirm a bull trap, a chart pattern that “traps” investors who initiated long positions on the breakout signal and subsequently generates losses as the price reverses.

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In another sign of weakening upside momentum, technical divergence appeared on the chart last month when the stock climbed to a new high, but the relative strength index (RSI) made a comparatively lower high.

Indeed, the restaurant chain’s shares closed below key support at $61.50 on Monday on above-average volume, raising the possibility for further declines in the weeks ahead.

Monitor These Chart Levels Amid Further Selling

Amid ongoing weakness in Chipotle’s stock, investors should watch four key areas where the shares may find buying interest.

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Firstly, it’s worth monitoring the $56 level, an area on the chart where the price may encounter support upon a fill of the March 19 pre-breakaway gap, the day before the company’s shares jumped more than 3% following the stock split announcement.

Bulls’ failure to hold this level could see a lower gap filled at around $50, which also currently sits just below the rising 200-day moving average.

Further downside could spark a decline to around $47, a region where buyers may perceive value near a December 2023 swing high.

Finally, a more significant correction could see the shares revisit $43, where they would likely attract bargain hunting near a trendline stretching back to June last year.

When monitoring the support levels outlined above, investors should seek confirmation from other technical indicators, such as an overbought RSI reading or a bullish candlestick pattern, that provide additional clues the current retracement in the stock might be coming to an end.

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