Celebs Call Out Sana Javed Over Her ‘Entitled Attitude’

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Sana Javed
Image Source: MMNews

Makeup painters and models are trying against Sana Javed well over her entitled attitude. Lady fiasco started after brand Manal Saleem called out the actress for addressing the as ‘Do Takay Ki Model. ’

Manal Saleem’s Statement 

Toy Manal Saleem took to your lady Instagram to share a horrible lady she encountered with an barnstormer. While she didn’t label out the name, she if repost stories with Sana’s name mentioned on them like actress, which directly records Sana Javed being at fault. She wrote down put in writing on her social media saying,

“Requesting all clientele not to ask me to shoot while having any celebrity/actress ever again. For his or her self-entitled attitude they think judgement ‘Do Takay Ki Model’. The audacity to say that a lot of on my face! Ham bi kaam krne atay hain. Muft main zaleel polish nae atay. ”

As soon as the lady’s statement got viral, some individuals from the industry came in front with their own stories the spot where the Khaani star had insulted and humiliated them or possibly a their work in a series of issues.

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Ikram Gohar’s Statement 

Renowned makeup showmanship Ikram Gohar who is praised for working with Bollywood stars, within shared the incident raam anand encountered with the actress. The man shared a lengthy post on his Instagram as he shares the way he enjoys working with positive celebrities who are respectful combined with humble.

Take a look at his post beneath

“Now I will just declare @sanajaved. official you are dishonorable and horrible. we are not necessarily. You should be ban in this area, Alhamdulillah we are very competent and respectful and good worker people, we all are equate to n have respect and that i know how to do work, Alhamdulillah. I recognize how to do makeup as this is my profession as well as , alhamdulillah I love my careers and I am working in a industry since 12 years, I’ve worked with many big fames of Pakistan like @mehwishhayatofficial @thekubism @urwatistic @mahirahkhan alhamdulillah and they all are very attractive, humble respectful and top quality people, always love to work with them but will never consider you again inshALLAH. ” 

Omayr Waqar, Fareeha Sheikh And More

Previously, renowned stylist Omayr Waqar also mentioned which is Sana is the rudest system to work with. The stylist’s information had created a stir after social media. He then reposted legends from Manal Saleem, old saying,

“Guess! Who is she talking about? That is just one actress. Not all actresses are the same. ”

Another model joint her experience with Sana Javed in a message she shared with Manal Saleem. The sales message quotes,

“OMG! I also have had a horrendo experience with her. I’m this newbie in this field, and am asked her politely once we could take a boomerang to find insta, and she responded among ‘tum models fame k lye kuch bi krskti ho han? Act like all of us are friends, ’ in a really sarcastic tone and stormed away. ”

Following the drama, System Fareeha Sheikh also developed down a long note about how our actress mistreated her from set.

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Ryan Thomas 

Ryan Thomas inside shared a long post relating to social media with a caption, “This is Natural Javed for you! ”

Take measures of his detailed story next.

Since Ryan Thomas’s post, generally the actress Durrehfishan also replied her views regarding the happenings while cheering Ryan needed for calling out the incident.

After the horrible responses shared by people found on social media, the netizens turn out to be demanding a ban on Ensa?amiento Javed while attacking your partner and tagging her when social media posts.

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