“Catherine Bell’s Partner Revealed: 10 Facts About Brooke Daniells!”

Brooke Daniells is widely recognized as the partner of actress Catherine Bell. The couple made their relationship public at a time when the LGBTQ movement was not yet widely accepted, leading to some of their family members distancing themselves from them. Despite this, they have become a prominent same-sex couple, and here are ten facts about Brooke Daniells.

1. Brooke Daniells was born in Tomball, Texas, in the United States.

2. She is a photographer and has worked on various projects, including photographing celebrities and models.

3. Daniells is also a Scientologist, just like her partner Catherine Bell.

4. She has two children from her previous marriage, and they have been accepted by Bell as part of their family.

5. Daniells met Catherine Bell on the set of the TV series “The Good Witch,” where she was a production assistant.

6. The couple started dating in 2012 and have been together ever since.

7. Daniells has been a supportive partner to Bell, who has spoken publicly about her struggles with depression and anxiety.

8. In addition to her photography work, Daniells is also involved in philanthropic activities and has supported various charities over the years.

9. She is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, where she shares her photography work and personal life with her followers.

10. Daniells and Bell have faced some criticism and backlash from some members of the public due to their same-sex relationship, but they have remained strong and committed to each other.

In conclusion, Brooke Daniells is a talented photographer, a devoted partner, and a philanthropist who has made a name for herself despite the challenges she has faced. Her relationship with Catherine Bell has also helped to promote acceptance and tolerance towards the LGBTQ community.