Boris Johnson Admits Difficulty Voting for Rishi Sunak’s Brexit Agreement

Boris Johnson has expressed his reservations about Rishi Sunak’s new Brexit deal for Northern Ireland, stating that it is “very difficult” for him to vote in favour of it. The former Prime Minister said the agreement was “not about the UK taking back control”, and instead was a version of the solution offered to Liz Truss when she was Foreign Secretary last year.

In a speech in Westminster, Johnson said: “This is the EU graciously unbending to do what we want in our country not by our laws but by theirs. I’m going to find it very difficult to vote for something like this myself.”

Sunak has maintained that the new deal is about “what is best for people in Northern Ireland” and not “personalities”. He argued that it will make a positive difference for all in Northern Ireland, and that it is not about the UK regaining control.

The Windsor Agreement, which was unveiled by Sunak on Monday, aims to resolve post-Brexit trade issues in Northern Ireland. It is the first time Johnson has commented on the deal since its announcement.

The agreement has been met with mixed reactions, with some arguing that it does not go far enough to protect the rights of the people of Northern Ireland. Others have expressed concern that it could lead to a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

It remains to be seen whether Johnson will be able to reconcile his reservations about the deal and vote in favour of it. His comments have raised questions about the future of the agreement, and whether it will be able to gain enough support from MPs in order to pass.