Blasphemy : Ascertaining the True Meanings ; Failure of Think Tanks

Blasphemy can never be committed. The Almighty who has taken the responsibility for the protection of Islamic Scripture (Al- Quran) is also the Protector of his Messenger's integrity.

Blasphemy a verbal or non-verbal offence i.e about God, prophets, scriptures, or some settled, ideologies. It seems today that the world’s major religions are on the verge of destruction due to this 9 lettered word. Think Tanks have failed to establish what really blasphemy means. What are the elements for meeting the criterion of committing blasphemy? Freedom of speech and expression of someone is becoming the contempt or blasphemy for others. Time is high to find out the root cause of this collision between two dogmas concisely.

Religion Card: Power, Policy, Ideology

It is said that religion card has been played time and again in pursuing ones’ nefarious interests that are for politics, power or prevalence of an ideology. At a time when someone is a hero, he can be the villain of others also. Need to detect faultlines, diagnose them and treat them effectively.

Freedom of Speech and Blasphemy: An Analysis

Taking one view if limiting freedom of speech could prove fruitful, why more activity can be seen parallel. Freedom with the responsibility that is enunciated by Social Responsibility Theory provides liberty yet with some limits that do not violate freedom of others like norms, values, traits, customs, religion culture and civilization.

A Blunder by Samuel P. Huntington

The civilization of Islam is so enriched that Samuel P. Huntington could not hide his insecurities. So he labelled Islamic Civilization as a danger to other civilizations especially Christianity. How a think tank using his own bias tagged a whole of an enormous civilization of which his own contemporaries are praising and validating with science.

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A fault line set by Samuel P. Huntington not only cost Muslims a price (war on terror, radicalized, fundamentalists, extremists) but also Christianity had to validate its character also when Pope Francis has challenged all established dogmas about the rights of recognition and protection of homosexuals.

Contribution of Religion Islam in Rennaissance of Europe

West cannot close eyes from the Scriptures, the Books, the Science of Muslims, the Texts, the literature, the art, the music, the poetry and the architecture they translated and used for their renaissance. Hey Europe, try to recall when America was still in slumber and Columbus did not discover the America who was your survivor?

The nomination of Religion with Personalities

Today levelling grudges in the name of religion has become the order of the day. See how Emmanuel Macron has to tune his tone right after his stun. When one observes the environment of Sub-continent the land of victorious and conquered, rulers and ruled, the confiscator and confiscated. The picture exhibits quite enthusiastic colours with the zeal of same White Huns Blood, Aryans, Mehar Garg, Muryans, Tughluqs, Lodhis, Mughals.

Pakistanis the Inhabitants of Land of Warriors

Pakistanis are residuary of these conquered lands. One can say these are inheritors of the Sub-Continent’ Sticks, sword and armours have been used for offence and defence simultaneously. Ibn -e -Khaldun says the “Environment has a profound effect over human being” and Pakistanis are in that part of the world where the atmosphere is quite hot so Pakistani’s temperaments are high respectively.

Can Blasphemy Take Place in reality?

Now it’s time to take a holistic view of the nomination of religion with personalities. They say when you know half of the truth, it’s fatal. Pakistanis a developing crowd of diverse people yet disrespecting each other proving his own idea, the window of thought, and version of religion.

Blasphemy can never be committed. The Almighty who has taken the responsibility for the protection of Islamic Scripture (Al- Quran) is also the Protector of his Messenger’s integrity. Muhammad S.A.W, not an ordinary person whose integrity can be violated by uttering a word or sketchings or showing some videos. He is beyond these worldly affairs. Allah has sent him as Rahmat-Ul- Alameen, the merciful for the world.

Ameer Ali Syed Says

“In the sixth year of the Hegira, the Prophet granted to the monks of the Monastery of St.Catherine, near Mount Sinai, and to all Christians, a Charter which is a monument of enlightened tolerance. By it, the Prophet secured the Christians important privileges and immunities, and the Muslims were prohibited under severe penalties from violating and abusing what was therein ordered.

They were not to unfairly taxed; no bishop was to be driven out of his bishopric; no Christian was to be forced to reject his religion; no monk was to be expelled from his monastery; no pilgrim was to be detained from his pilgrimage; nor were the Christian churches to be pulled down for the sake of building mosques or houses for the Muslims. Christian women married to Muslims were to enjoy their own religion, and not to be subjected to compulsion or annoyance of any kind on that account”, says Ameer Ali Syed, A Short History of the Saracens.