BlackRock Assets Reach $10.47 Trillion Record Amid Stock Rally in Q1 | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

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The Rise of BlackRock: A Look at the First Quarter Earnings Report


BlackRock, a leading investment management company, recently released its first-quarter earnings report, surpassing analyst expectations and setting new records in assets under management. The company’s success can be attributed to various factors, including the stock market rally and growing investor interest in its new spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF).

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Key Takeaways

  • BlackRock’s assets under management in the first quarter surged $1.4 trillion to a record $10.47 trillion.
  • BlackRock’s ETFs saw net inflows more than triple to $67 billion in Q1, with roughly $14 billion going into its spot bitcoin ETF.
  • The company’s adjusted net income stood at $1.47 billion or $9.81 per diluted share, up roughly 23% from a year ago.
  • Revenue jumped 11% to $4.73 billion as rising stocks drove up fee revenue.

Record-Breaking Performance

BlackRock’s first-quarter earnings report showcased a remarkable performance, with the company’s assets under management reaching a new high of $10.47 trillion. This significant increase of $1.4 trillion from the previous year reflects BlackRock’s strong market position and the trust investors place in its management capabilities.

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One of the key drivers of BlackRock’s success in the first quarter was the substantial inflow of funds into its ETFs, which more than tripled to $67 billion. Notably, the company’s spot bitcoin ETF attracted approximately $14 billion, indicating a growing appetite for digital assets among investors.

Financial Highlights

BlackRock reported a net income of $1.57 billion or earnings of $10.48 per diluted share for the first quarter. After adjustments, the company’s net income stood at $1.47 billion, with adjusted diluted earnings per share reaching $9.81. These figures exceeded analysts’ expectations and represented a significant improvement of 23% compared to the same period last year.

Revenue also experienced robust growth, increasing by 11% to reach $4.73 billion. The surge in stock markets not only boosted BlackRock’s assets under management but also contributed to higher fee revenue from trading and investment advisory services.

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CEO Perspective

Larry Fink, BlackRock’s Chief Executive Officer, expressed optimism about the company’s performance in the first quarter. He highlighted the accelerated organic asset and base fee growth towards the end of the quarter, with long-term net inflows already representing nearly 40% of full-year 2023 levels. Fink’s positive outlook reflects BlackRock’s strong momentum and strategic positioning in the market.

Comparative Analysis

Q1 2024 Actuals Q1 2024 Analyst Expectations Q1 2023 Year-over-year change (%)
Revenue $4.73B $4.67B $4.24B 11%
Adjusted Diluted Earnings per share $9.81 $9.37 $7.93 24%
Adjusted Net Income $1.47B $1.4B $1.2B 23%
Assets Under Management $10.47T $10.48T $9.09T 15%


BlackRock’s exceptional performance in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2024 underscores its position as a market leader in the investment management industry. With record assets under management, strong financial results, and a strategic focus on emerging investment opportunities such as digital assets, BlackRock continues to demonstrate resilience and growth potential in a dynamic market environment.

For more information on BlackRock’s first-quarter earnings report, you can visit the original article on Investopedia.

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