Bitcoin Reaches $70K Again Before Fed Meeting | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

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The Impact of Inflation Data on Bitcoin Prices

Key Takeaways:

  • Bitcoin surged to nearly $70,000 following better-than-expected inflation data.
  • Lower inflation is viewed positively for bitcoin as it signals a potential interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve.
  • Decreased interest rates can lead to lower bond yields, making risk assets like bitcoin more appealing to investors.
  • The U.S. spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) market saw outflows of approximately $265 million during a recent price dip.

Bitcoin’s price (BTC) experienced a significant uptick, reaching close to $70,000, as investors reacted positively to the latest inflation data for May. The U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI) report released on Wednesday revealed that prices remained steady month-over-month and increased at an annual rate of 3.3%, a slower pace compared to the previous year.

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The Federal Reserve is scheduled to announce its rate decision soon. While no rate cut is anticipated at this time, the recent inflation report provides more flexibility for the Fed to adjust rates when necessary.

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Why Inflation and the Fed Matter to Bitcoin Investors

Bitcoin prices responded to the inflation report by reversing a downward trend and approaching the $70,000 mark. With inflation on the decline, the data-driven Federal Reserve has greater room to consider reducing interest rates. The Fed’s efforts to combat inflation through rate hikes have led to historically high rates over the past 23 years.

For bitcoin investors, the potential for lower interest rates is significant. Despite being considered a safe-haven asset, bitcoin remains a risk asset, as evidenced by its price increase following the release of subdued inflation figures.

Rising bond yields due to higher rates have made bonds—a relatively less risky investment—more attractive to investors. A reduction in interest rates following a Fed rate cut is likely to drive down bond yields, potentially prompting investors to turn to riskier assets like cryptocurrency in search of higher returns.

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Will Bitcoin ETF Investors Change Course?

Prior to the recent inflation data and the upcoming Fed meeting, bitcoin investors were feeling uneasy. Not only did the cryptocurrency’s price decline, but spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) also experienced significant outflows.

According to Farside Investors, spot bitcoin ETFs saw around $265 million in outflows during the first two days of the week. This marked a reversal from the previous trend, where these ETFs had been receiving net inflows for 20 consecutive days. However, much of the earlier inflow was driven by arbitrage opportunities between ETFs and the futures market.

As the Fed prepares to announce its decision on interest rates, the CME FedWatch Tool indicates a 99.9% probability of rates remaining unchanged.

Overall, the recent inflation data and its potential impact on interest rates have sparked fluctuations in bitcoin prices and ETF investments. Investors are closely monitoring the Fed’s decisions and economic indicators for clues on future market movements.

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