Biden promises that the US will respond to Russian cyber-attacks

According to the White House, President Joe Biden reminded Russian President Vladimir Putin that the US will take “all necessary steps” to stop Russian cyber-attacks.

After the hour-long phone call, a reporter asked Mr. Biden if Russia would face consequences, and he said, “Yes.”

Russia does not accept Jobiden’s words

However, Moscow refuted US assertions that it had regularly notified the Russians about the cyber-attacks in the previous month.

Mr. Putin and Mr. Biden spoke on Friday after meeting in Geneva last month.

It also comes amid an uptick in attacks, including one that knocked out 1,500 businesses earlier this month.

“I made it very plain to him that if a ransomware operation comes from his country, even if it’s not state-sponsored, we expect them to act if we provide them enough information to act on who that is,” Mr Biden said after the press conference.

When a journalist asked if the US might attack the hackers’ servers, the Democratic president responded, “Yeah.”

The Kremlin, though, maintained following Friday’s call that the US had not notified Moscow about the cyber-attacks.

“Despite Russia’s desire to collaborate with the US to combat unlawful information-related activities, no requests from relevant US ministries have been received in the recent month.,” Mr Putin’s office said in a statement.

America-Russia fights in talking

According to the AFP news agency, the Biden administration had made “several, specific calls for action,” according to an unnamed senior US official.

Both sides, according to the Kremlin statement, favor increased cyber-security cooperation, which Russia says “must be permanent, professional, and non-politicized, and should be conducted via dedicated communication channels… and in accordance with international law.”

According to a White House summary of the call, both parties agreed to a plan that will increase humanitarian supplies to Syria, indicating that the two leaders saw potential for collaboration despite digital concerns. Ransomware assaults, in which criminal gangs take control of a company’s data and demand money in exchange for its recovery, have been increasingly common in recent years. Many of the worst attackers, according to the US, are Russians who operate with tacit knowledge and even sanction from Russian security agencies and collaborate in Russian cyber-attacks.

Talking to each other is a necessary thing

The call, Mr. Biden said on Friday, was part of a new, “more direct mode of contact.”Mr. Biden explained that the new link will allow both sides to “talk to one another when each of us feels anything is going on in the other country.”

“It has an impact on the home country. As a result, everything went smoothly. I’m feeling upbeat.”

Mr. Biden’s message, which he said he conveyed on Friday, was similar to the one he offered when the two presidents met for the first time last month in Switzerland.

Since then, the REvil hacking organization, based in Russia or Eastern Europe, has launched a huge onslaught that has caused disruptions all around the world.

The hacking raised the pressure on Mr. Biden to do action to combat the dangers.

Mr. Biden gave the Russians a list of 16 sectors that must not be Russian cyber-attacks at their meeting in Geneva last month.