Benefits of Turn-Key Security for Multi-Family Buildings


Turn-key security solutions are pre-engineered and pre-assembled security systems that provide comprehensive protection for large buildings, multi-family complexes, and residential buildings with many security threats. These systems aim to alleviate tenant satisfaction and property value while reducing the risk of break-ins, theft, unauthorized access, and other security problems.

Security concerns for such buildings are multi-dimensional, as the bad actors posing security threats to such buildings and complexes are remarkably more compared to commercial buildings or sprawling bungalows. Delivery drivers, guests or visitors, vendors, maintenance personnel, and others are all in higher volume in such cases, which exponentially increases the exposure to potential security vulnerabilities.

Installing a turn-key security solution from a reputable physical security systems design and engineering company can provide a high level of protection for multi-family complexes and buildings, as they are typically designed to meet the specific security needs of the property. These systems are often customizable, which allows property managers to tailor the system to their specific security requirements.

The benefits of going with a turn-key security solution include all the necessary components, easy installation, configuration, and use, quick support and maintenance, remote monitoring and management capabilities, simplified dashboard or mobile app for central monitoring, reduced installation times and costs, and excellent consultation on what kind of equipment will be the most suitable.

There are many kinds of building security system design, and a turn-key security system will comprise a few of the following: access control systems, surveillance systems, intercom systems, security patrol services, fire detection and alarm systems, and remote monitoring services. What components, systems, and equipment yours uses depends on a variety of factors such as the kind and size of the property, the neighborhood’s crime rate, and the ease of use you’re looking for.

Investing in a turn-key security solution for your building can be an expensive affair depending on the size of your property. Factors to consider before investing in one include establishing a budget, considering the specific security needs of the property, scalability, integration with other building systems, and choosing a reputable security provider with experience designing and implementing security solutions for multi-family complexes.

In conclusion, turn-key security for multi-family complexes is easily the biggest priority for any property manager. These systems help satisfy the residents and retain them, create a safer living space for everyone in a cost-effective way, and are usually deployed faster than manually-designed ones. If you’re worried about compliance, wish to increase your property’s value, or don’t have time to do extraneous security audits to figure out the systems and components required, go for a turn-key security solution and thank us later!

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