Avatar 2: James Cameron announced the completion of the movie

In the last week of September, James Cameron announced that the filming of the long-awaited Avatar 2 is completed.

In the last week of September, James Cameron announced that the filming of the long-awaited avatar 2 is completed. He revealed this news of completion in the recent telephonic interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the 2020 Austrian World Summit. At the same time, he also announced that 95% of avatar 3 is also done.

James Cameron first notified avatar 2 a decade ago back in 2010. The film has been under progress since 2010 and completed preproduction in 2017.

Conversation between James Cameron snd Arnold Schwarzenegger

Talking to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cameron shared his experience in making the film Avatar 2. He did not reveal any plot of the movie. He simply said he believe in the mystery and the great reveal.

He stated that “We are able to operate, we are able to shoot and we are able to have a more or less normal life here, so we are very fortunate. I did not see any roadblock to us getting both the pictures finished.”

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At the very same time, he told Arnold Schwarzenegger there had been a very big advantage for us in making the movie avatar 2 in New Zealand because the country has one of the lowest rates of covid-19 in the world. This helps Cameron and his team to get on in filming in a safe environment.

During the telephonic interview, he also declared that COVID hits us like it hit everybody in the world and we lost about four and a half months in producing the film due to the prevalent situation of COVID’19. So, as a result, the release of the movie has been pushed to December 2022.

History of the previous version of the movie

Avatar is a previous part of avatar 2. It is a movie directed by an Oscar-winning person James Cameron. This movie broke the box office records as the best blockbuster movie of the decade. Even no one was able to make a film like this.

This movie takes us to the year 2154, where the humans are unearthing a very priceless mineral called ‘unprocurable Pandora’, a lush moon of a gas giant in the Alpha Centauries Star system.

The existence of a regional ethnic group or race of Na’vi – are a race of extraterrestrial humanoids who inhabits the lush jungle moon of the Pandora is threatened by the dilation or extension of a mining colony.

The public reaction towards Avatar 2 leaks

The movie would be released in December 2021. However, some people are criticizing the upcoming movie of James Cameron; Avatar 2. They are making many memes on it. But some of them are waiting excitedly for the movie.

As the appearance of Stephen Lang in Avatar 2 is expected, therefore, someone from the netizens took it to Twitter and said that “The only thing good about the first movie was Stephen Lang. Hope he comes back.” This tweet was followed with a humongous reaction from the actor.

On the other hand, many people are sending good wishes for the success of the movie. This is not the only update related to this movie, fresh updates would also be shared once the film is released.