Artificial Sweeteners: Blessing or disease grabber?

As there are positive aspects of artificial sweeteners it also has negative effects. Researches are still going on to prove whether they have adverse effects on a person or not. Their usage should be moderate.

The concept of losing weight by cutting down low calories or zero-calorie diet is spreading around the world. The most emerging one among these is the use of ‘Artificial Sweeteners’.

So exactly why are people using artificial sweeteners?

Artificial Sweeteners are sugar substitute (not exactly sugar) having low calorie or zero-calorie and low food energy than the actual sugar. They are available in different coloured paper packets. They are the main ingredient in “diet drinks” as they add no-calorie to it.

There are pros and cons of everything and so are there for these Artificial Sweeteners.

The Pros Of Artificial Sweeteners

Using artificial sweeteners is best in usage for so many reasons. There are many advantages of artificial sweeteners some of which are as follows:

Role of Artificial Sweeteners in Healthier Teeth

Having a large number of sugars is the major cause of tooth decay cavities especially in children. So using artificial sweeteners instead of using sugars are more beneficial in preventing tooth decays and other problems of teeth. For instance, chewing sugar-free gum can actually enhance your dental health as it will not lead to the cavities of the tooth and will make them strong.

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Another positive point of artificial sweetener is that they do not get fermented by the oral bacteria that lead to the demineralization of the teeth by producing acid through the breakdown of the sugar particles.

Derived From Natural Substances

Although they are synthetic but are derived from natural sources and sugar plants. As they are sweeter than the actual sugars so these are best for those who crave for sweeter but they want to keep their weight low and for those who are on a diet as artificial sweeteners contain less or no-calorie.

 Best For Diabetic People

Sugars increase the blood sugar level of a diabetic person. Artificial Sweeteners are best for consumption as they do not have carbohydrates like typical sugars and they do not increase blood sugar level but use it only after the prescription of a doctor. But on the contrary, having artificial sweeteners instead of typical sugars is a positive step towards good health.

Role in diet

Artificial Sweeteners carry less or no-calorie at all. That is why they are mainly used by those people who want to lose weight as they add no weight like typical sugars. According to research, each gram of sugar contains “4 calories”. So by replacing it with artificial sweetener is a positive step towards losing weight. It helps to get the sweetness a person crave for whilst being bulky.

The cons of Artificial Sweeteners

Along with advantages, there are also some disadvantages of using artificial sweeteners. Some of which are as follows.

Causes Indigestion

They are man-made sweeteners and are made in the laboratory with different chemicals. Most of these chemicals are not absorbed by the human body and they get stuck in the “GI Tract” causing bloating, diarrhoea etc. As these sweeteners are used in many food products and therefore, the body does not digest them properly.

They can lead to a gain of weight

Sweeteners produced through the unnatural process can lead to weight gain. There are many types of research proving that the brain shows the same response to artificial sweeteners as they show response to typical sugars. They can make a person to crave for more high-calorie food. As they have more intense taste than typical sugars they can make a person to eat sugary and high-calorie food (increasing a person’s sugar cravings) and they can also “dull a person’s senses” towards food that are natural like “fruits”.

Leading To Heart Disease And Hypertension

Researches have shown that artificial sweetener leads to heart diseases just like sugar does. According to some researches, people having artificial sweetener in their diet are more likely to have “cardiovascular disease” than those people who have no artificial sweetener in their diet at all. Another point is that it can cause hypertension. According to research women having at least artificially sweetened drink two times per day are more like to face hypertension.

Causes Type 2 Diabetes

According to research, these low-calorie sweeteners can lead to type 2 diabetes. As type 2 diabetes is linked with obesity and can cause an increase in weight developing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Research suggests that having at least one zero-calorie sweet in diet per day can be a cause of type 2 diabetes.

As there are positive aspects of artificial sweeteners it also has negative effects. Researches are still going on to prove whether they have adverse effects on a person or not. Their usage should be moderate. They should be used according to the advice of a doctor or a dietitian in order to avoid their harmful effects.