Are Skittles Really Unfit for Consumption?

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skittles unfit consumption
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Skittles are a fan favourite globally. From kids to adults, everybody loves the rainbow coloured packet with small chewy candies that are just amazing to snack on. They have even been banned in Pakistan but people are still finding ways to get them. However, the latest news has suggested that Skittles may be unfit for human consumption. Here’s what’s going on:

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What’s The Latest?

The latest news is that a man in California has filed a lawsuit against Mars, the company that produces Skittles. This is because of titanium dioxide in the candies which is used for their colouring. The additive is an artificial colouring that gives Skittles all their colours.

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The man is charging this company over not informing consumers of Skittles the harms of consuming this additive. The harm can be that particles of titanium dioxide in a human’s body can cause genotoxicity. As a result of this, it can even change their DNA and result in cancer ultimately.

On Titanium Dioxide

This additive is actually illegal in all of US. However, FDA has approved it for some brands only if its usage is 1% of the product’s weight. As a result, Mars is saying that they are not doing anything wrong. After all, they are FDA compliant.

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Image Source: Food Beverage Insider

The lawsuit also writes that other candy brands, including Sour Patch Kids and Nerds are also vibrantly colored like Skittles. However, they don’t rely on titanium dioxide.

Where Could This Go?

The party who has filed the lawsuit suggests that this is indeed illegal. This is because not telling consumers properly is equivalent to fraud of omission. Moreover, it also violates other Californian laws. 

The lawsuit complains that the ingredient list which is provided in minuscule print on the back of the products is not enough. The reading has been made even more challenging by the lack of contrast in color between the font and packaging.

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Image Source: Daily Illinois

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Image Source: Daily Illinois

Therefore, Mars and Skittles are in deep trouble. This lawsuit could be a major breakthrough in the candy industry which may change harmful production altogether. However, Mars is an international powerhouse loaded with funds which could change the direction this lawsuit goes in.

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