Apple’s market is investigating by a German watchdog `

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The Federal Cartel Office (FCO) announced that the first investigation will examine whether Apple’s market is of “extreme importance in all markets”. Apple said it was looking forward to “an open dialogue”.

Similar investigations were launched this year at Facebook, Amazon and Google after a new German antitrust law was passed that allows early action against giant digital companies, “said FCO President Andreas Mundt in a statement that would analyze whether Apple has developed “a” digital ecosystem around its iPhone that spans numerous markets “with iOS.

The app store is the focus of the investigation because” it is influencing Apple in a variety of ways The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced in June that it was investigating the “effective duopoly” of Apple and Google in mobile app stores, operating systems and web browsers.

Further investigation needed

The FCO added that that, depending on the outcome of its investigation, the specific practices of Apple with regard to a possible I will investigate aftercare more closely. Stated that it had received a number of complaints about anti-competitive activity that it could investigate further. According to Watchdog, app manufacturers criticized “the necessary use of Apple’s own in-app purchase system and the associated commission rate of 30%”.

According to the FCO, the advertising and media industry also complained about restrictions on user monitoring in iOS 14.5. Apple responded by stating that the “iOS App Economy” supports more than 250,000 workplaces in Germany.

He added that the App Store “has given German developers of all sizes the same opportunity to share their passion and creativity with users around the world, while also providing a safe and reliable place for customers to download the applications they want.” love to wait for protective measures, “so the statement.

German companies sued Apple

About two months ago, various German media, internet and advertising companies filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple. They claim that the new iPhone privacy settings reflect the process of market abuse and violation of competition law.

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The complaint, filed with the German Federal Cartel Office (Competition Authority in Germany), comes as apple’s market intends to provide a new transparency framework. In this new framework, users choose what company or entity can track them for advertising purposes.

Several German trade unions also wrote in a joint statement: As a result of these unilateral measures, Apple is barring all competitors from processing business-related information in its ecosystem. The registered complaint also mentions the name of the main group of lobbying newspapers and its advertising federation. Apple denies the allegations, claiming that the framework in the new version of iOS 14 protects privacy.

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Apple also announced in a statement: User information belongs to them and they have to decide on sharing it. In the new version of iOS 14, the user can choose which apps are allowed to share their information with third-party companies for online advertising.

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