Apne 2: The ‘3 Deol generations’ is back with a thrill

'Deol Generation' is once again having a mesmerizing entry and is going to introduce a new character within the film Apne 2. The remake is quite a blend of emotions. Read the article to get full pack information.

The ‘Dharmendra dynasty’ is going to give us a surprise on the Diwali festival 2021. The Bollywood Deol family is all set to unite Apne 2 which is the second instalment of Apne movie which was released in 2007.

In the sequel we’ll be seeing Sunny, Bobby, the veteran actor Dharmendra and his grandson Karan Deol sharing the screen.

Apne 2: The sequel

The creatives are all geared up to bring the Deol family on board for Apne 2. On November 2020, the sequel of the hit film Apne was officially announced. The release is suggested to coincide the Diwali festival. The remake is been made after 13 years approx.

Apne 2: The excitement of the cast and creatives 

The film will be directed by Anil Sharma who previously gathered the team for Apne 2. And the production will be done by Deepak Mukut. The sequences of the film will be shot in Punjab and Europe respectively. Apne 2 also has a special member to appear in the film ‘Karan Deol’. With ‘Apne 2’ he’ll get a chance to share the screen with the 3 superstars of his family. Although the female leads are still a hidden card in the hands of creatives. Yet it already made fans anxiously waiting for the film.

What Punjabi Putters of B-town has to say about the film?

Dharmendra once said, “Apne is one of the best films of my life. A joint effort by the whole unit, received very well by you all. Now I’m very happy.” 

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All of the Deol family revealed their connection with the film. They are sharing posts on social media about the project. Sunny Deol took to Twitter to share this exciting news the tweet read, “With the blessings of Babaji and your love, all of us will be seen together, again. Feeling blessed to get a chance to work with my father, brother again this time with my son. Apne 2, in cinemas Diwali 2021” 

Apne 2007

‘Baqi Sab Sapne Hote Hain…. Apne to Apne Hote Hain’ these lines still come on our tongue, whenever we watch or hear about Apne that’s what the trance was, which was perfectly created by the ‘Punjabi putters’ of B-town.   Also, the actresses Kiron Kher, Shilpa Shetty, Katrina Kaif also played their role well making it a huge success both in India and oversees.

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Talking about the film, it revolves around Baldev Singh, who is a former boxer his younger son is a musician and older son is associated with agriculture. Many years ago, Baldev Singh was disgraced in the ring while he was competing for the ‘heavyweight’. So he turned his sons in to win back the honour he lost in the ring. But things turn bad when his younger son is injured so his elder son decided to avenge his brother and win his father’s glory back.

 Apne 2 release

The film proceeds to hit the floors in March 2021. And theatrical release has been scheduled for 5 November 2021. It will definitely create history like the previous one. And we hope this film proves to be a benchmark in ‘Karan Deol’s’ life.

We wish the ‘Deol generation’ good luck!