Among Us 2: Release Date, Gameplay, Price, Latest News & Rumors

Among Us 2: What to Expect from the Highly Anticipated Sequel

Yes, you read that right. The popular asymmetrical survival game of the moment is getting a follow-up. So, kind of. Innersloth, the company that made the famous mobile and PC game Among Us, wrote a long blog post in August about what could be the start of a sequel. This announcement couldn’t have come at a better time, as Among Us has taken the gaming world by storm.

The original Among Us game was released in 2018 but gained massive popularity in 2020 due to its simple yet addictive gameplay. Players are divided into crewmates and impostors on a spaceship, and the goal is to either complete tasks or eliminate the impostors. The game’s success can be attributed to its social deduction aspect, where players must communicate and work together to identify the impostors.

So, what can we expect from Among Us 2? Innersloth has stated that they plan to improve on the original game rather than creating a completely new experience. This means that fans can expect enhanced graphics, new maps, and additional features. The developers have also promised to address some of the issues that players have raised, such as server problems and cheating.

One of the most exciting aspects of Among Us 2 is the introduction of new roles. In the original game, players were limited to being either crewmates or impostors. However, Innersloth has hinted at the possibility of adding new roles that will add more complexity to the gameplay. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities and strategies for players to explore.

In terms of graphics, Among Us 2 is expected to have a significant upgrade. The original game featured simple 2D graphics, but the sequel promises a more polished and visually appealing experience. This will undoubtedly enhance the immersion and overall enjoyment of the game.

Another area that Innersloth plans to improve upon is the map design. Among Us 2 will feature new maps that offer different layouts and challenges for players. This will keep the gameplay fresh and exciting, as players will have to adapt to new environments and strategies.

Innersloth has also acknowledged the need for better server infrastructure. The surge in popularity of Among Us put a strain on the game’s servers, resulting in frequent disconnections and lag. With Among Us 2, the developers are working on implementing a more robust server system to ensure a smoother and more stable gaming experience for players.

Cheating has been a persistent issue in Among Us, with some players using hacks and exploits to gain an unfair advantage. Innersloth has taken note of this and is actively working on implementing better anti-cheat measures in Among Us 2. This will help create a more level playing field and ensure that everyone can enjoy the game without any unfair advantages.

While no official release date has been announced for Among Us 2, fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival. In the meantime, Innersloth has assured players that they will continue to support and update the original game. This means that players can expect new content and improvements even before the sequel is released.

In conclusion, Among Us 2 is shaping up to be an exciting sequel that builds upon the success of the original game. With improved graphics, new maps, and additional features, players can look forward to a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. Innersloth’s commitment to addressing player concerns, such as server issues and cheating, shows their dedication to creating a fair and enjoyable environment for all players. While we may have to wait a little longer for Among Us 2, the anticipation is certainly building, and fans can’t wait to see what surprises await them in this highly anticipated sequel.

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