Afghan journalist: Fifth pioneer Bismillah Adil killed

Journalism can never be silent; that is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault. It must speak, and speak immediately, while the echoes of wonder, the claims of triumph, the signs of horror are still in the air.

An Afghan journalist has been recently killed in a target killing incident. A journalist poses to be an utmost asset of a respective country, who without bothering their lives, play their surplus role in the promulgation of the consciences that what is happening around the world and how far it may result in.

Imperative protection of journalists in a society

A generation without a journalist is just like a batch with no future in this regime of modern warfare. In this case, if a nation fails to protect those real gems, it is not erroneous to say that sooner or later that nation will be uprooted from the grounds of the modern realm.

But it seems that an imperative necessity to protect our journalists have been seen as a result of the past few accidents. The Afghan government must have to realize the seriousness of the verdict as these are the true seekers of truth and so serving the nation as a means of Mass Communication.

Recent killing of Bismillah Adil Aimaq

Not going too far, An Afghan journalist Bismillah Adil Aimaq, a peripheral editor-in-chief in a local radio station, unfortunately, became the victim of target killing across the country. The Afghan journalist was also claimed to be a social activist and this is the second time he was targeted which simply shows us the inability of the Afghan government to compensate Target Killing in the area. Afghanistan was ranked as one of the most alarming countries for media workers.


The killers admitted that they are involved in killing Bismillah Adil Aimaq, belonging to the Taliban sector. Although, Taliban cunningly played a well shot by denying the fact that they were not in any target killing activities at all. The Afghan journalists were persistently being blackmailed by the killers with the past two months just because of raising voices against the Taliban’s predominant Injustices across the country.

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He was one of the Afghan journalists who uplifted the slogan of peace in the war-ravaged country. His murder is not merely an elimination of a journalist but a plummet to the flag of peace by the contrary forces prevailing all across Afghanistan. Peeping into the time a few days back, many other journalists had also become a victim of relentless attacks, followed by target killing provoked by Taliban only.

Not just a matter of a single journalist, but many ones

Probably on the 10th of December, a 24 years Afghan journalist and an activist, Malala Maiwind, who was serving the country by performing enthusiastic speeches and debates across the country, also became a victim of the series of assassinations. She was one of those who actually sensed that predicament of how the central peace was liberated from their future courses in his war-torn country.

Her constant emphasis on the term ‘Peace’ not only assured us that she considered Peace as a solution of all their besieging problems but also made the Afghans clear that what sort of peace she was literally talking about. In this Neo-liberalism era, the term Peace is generally used as contrary to the word War. But through his brief definition of peace, it is not absurd to say that she was a philanthropist for the people of his country and the welfare of mankind as well.

Then Rehmat Ullah Nikzad was also heading the journalist’s union there and so was brutally killed by armed men outside his very home. He was also a leading figure that not only involved in the anti-Taliban operations but also contributed to Associated Press media and Al-Jazeera type running channels. Blunt journalist presumed to be an activist also as he had worked as a freelancer too. Similarly, according to the BBC platform, there are;

Since early November, several Afghani journalists have died in targeted attacks and bombings, including former TOLO news presenter Yama Siawash, Radio Azadi reporter Elyas Daee, Enikass TV anchor Malalai Maiwand, Ariana News presenter Fardin Amini and Rahmatullah Nikzad.

 A journalist is worth millions, the government must register that

However, it is to be highly condemned that Afghan government is unable to save that very asset of the country and the killers provoking assassination campaigns against journalist got a chance to put their actual aim on their head.

But The Afghan government seems totally ignorant towards that serious atrocity and remain silent in this regard. The female Afghan journalists are continuously getting threatening calls which are confirmed by Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission as well but no significant action could be taken.

Afghanistan: The deadliest place for journalists

On the other hand, the country’s image is steadily declining and is going to be black globally and ultimately headed to self-censorship in the media community for being the world’s deadliest country for the journalist. That repute also produces a negative impact on the country’s socio-economic position and more specifically, the outlook of the state from an international perspective.

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As Afghanistan is already in the top in Global Terrorism index of 2020, so Afghan’s Government must be solemn to every single issue that’ll cause the devaluation of the country in order to elevate the flag of commencing peace on the world map.

Agreement between Kabul and Taliban

But it is said that their Peace declarations remain fruitful somehow as Afghan civilians are now sponsoring a heavy toll on this as Kabul and Taliban finally fall upon an agreement. That testimony suggests that country’s political as well as social peace can be maintained in the future course after the planned departure of the U.S and allied troops probably next year.

So, we can say that their long-ardent call outs and actions against the present situation of Afghanis and then elucidating the message of Peace no matter how critical the situation was, is not of no value at least. As Henry Grunwald, the great sprinkled the stardust on their dignity by giving tribute them as:

“Journalism can never be silent; that is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault. It must speak, and speak immediately, while the echoes of wonder, the claims of triumph, the signs of horror are still in the air.”