Adults Need Braces Too: Debunking the Myth That Braces Are Only for Children

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Adults Can Benefit from Orthodontic Treatment: Why Invisalign is a Discreet Solution

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While it may be common to see teenagers with metal braces, it is less common for adults to undergo orthodontic treatment. However, there are many reasons why adults could benefit from fixing their teeth. As we age, our teeth can shift and move around for various reasons, affecting our self-esteem and overall wellbeing.

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There are several reasons why adults may have poor teeth structure in later years. Hereditary factors can play a role, as teeth shape and structure can be inherited. If parents had crooked teeth, chances are their children will too. Additionally, if an individual did not have the opportunity to receive orthodontic treatment as a child, any dental issues may follow them into adulthood.

Wear and tear and damage can also impact teeth structure. Teeth can be knocked out, damaged, or broken due to accidents, fights, or biting into hard objects. Our teeth go through a lot of stress over the course of our lifetime, and it is no wonder that they show their scars.

Pregnancy can also affect teeth structure. During pregnancy, the hormone relaxin is produced in higher levels in a woman’s body. This hormone softens ligaments, which helps the childbirth process. However, it can also soften the ligaments that bind the teeth to the gums and jaws, causing perfectly straight teeth to shift out of place.

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Crooked teeth can have a significant impact on an adult’s self-esteem as they progress through adulthood. They can make individuals self-conscious both at work and socially. In addition, crooked teeth tend to be more challenging to keep clean, becoming discolored more quickly and at greater risk of gum disease and tooth loss.

However, many adults are not keen on traditional metal braces that teenagers wear. For professionals in responsible jobs that require presentation skills, traditional braces are an impractical and unworkable solution.

Fortunately, dental technology has evolved considerably over the last few years, and clear braces, specifically Invisalign, have extended the opportunities available to adults to tackle crooked teeth in a way that is fast, effective, and discreet.

Traditional braces have several restrictions that make them a difficult option for most adults. Apart from being very visible, they restrict an individual’s ability to eat certain foods, are fiddly and often uncomfortable to wear, and require regular checkups to adapt and tighten the braces as they do their job. The upside to traditional braces is that they tend to be more cost-effective, usually about half the price of Invisalign.

Invisalign offers a much more discreet and practical method for working towards realigning crooked teeth and gaining back a smile and self-esteem. These braces are completely clear, making them not noticeable to other people. Individuals can take them out when eating, so they can continue eating what they want without risking getting any food caught up in metal attachments.

As individuals grow to love their smile and teeth again, it is essential to remember to look after them properly. Good dental hygiene is not just for childhood; those habits need to follow individuals throughout adulthood too.

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