7 Best Perfumes By Pakistani Brands That Are Absolutely Worth It

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5 Best Perfumes By Pakistani Brands That Are Absolutely Worth It
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A good perfume is an absolute staple item. Even though fragrances are essential from a hygiene perspective and make you smell good, perfumes can depict our personality. They also tend to reveal our choices and can leave a long-lasting impression. The perfume market in Pakistan has been blooming for the past few years.

Pakistani perfumes have received an upgrade from brands. From coming out with shelves full of new products every month to celebrity collaborations, now you can find every scent style, be it deodorants, mist, or perfumes, within your range.

So, if you plan to buy one for yourself or intend to gift it to someone, check these out.

1. Amethyst By Khaadi 

Amethyst by Khaadi is one of the best scents from their luxury perfume collection. Everything about the perfume is perfect; from price to packaging, including aesthetics. The gentle notes of vanilla are blended with sweet fruity traces. It is perfect for someone who likes a fruity scent that doesn’t feel citrusy. Further, the warm blunt coffee base goes perfectly with the fruity smell.

Price: 2,490

Image source: khaadi.com

2. Blossom By J. 

Blossom by J. is one of the perfect perfumes to decorate your vanity. The sea-green glass bottle looks nothing less than regal. This perfume is an ideal option for an everyday elegant office-going look. The notes include pear and citrusy scent with vanilla and musk as the base.

Price: 2,100

Image source: junaidjamshed.com

3. Dessert Song By Khaadi 

Dessert song is one of Khaadi’s best-selling products. The bottle is convenient enough to be carried easily in your bag and is the perfect fit for gifting someone as well. The exotic blend of jasmine and vanilla accentuated by sandalwood makes the scent feel soothing yet sharp.

Price: 2,290

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Image source: khaadi.com

4. Secret Affair By Outfitters 

It hasn’t been long since Outfitters launched their perfume collection, but their range has been catching the eyes of many. Secret Affair is one of the best everyday perfumes from their collection. With an aesthetically pleasing pink-colored bottle for a pastel vanity, the perfume is perfect to be kept on the go. The orange and jasmine notes are blended with a warm honey scent along with deep vanilla notes.

Price: 2,490

Image source: outfitters.com

5. Sweet Fantasy by Hemani 

Very lightweight, and everyone loves its natural yet long-lasting scent. Here comes the Sweet Fantasy with its rosy and dewy scent and floral notes, as if you are walking in the garden just after the rain. The sleek slender pink colored bottle will be the perfect addition to your perfume collection.

Price: 2,350

Image source: wbhemani.com

6. Warrior (Savasci) By J. 

The fragrance was launched in collaboration with the famous actor, Cengiz Coşkun, starring in the popular Turkish drama series, Ertugrul. This is a floral and oriental fragrance with notes of plum & peach. The hints of cinnamon are combined with sandalwood and vanilla musk to give it a soft yet strong base.

Price: 13,800

Image source: junaidjamshed.com

7. Defender By J. 

The Defender was another perfume launched in collaboration with a different Turkish actor, Nurettin Sonmez. The extensive packaging and design are reason enough to splurge on the fragrance. It has hints of Bergamot, Cardamom. Moreover, the Violet leaves blend perfectly with Leather, Sandalwood, Tonka Beans, Vanilla, and a hint of cinnamon.

Price: 6,500

Image source: junaidjamshed.com

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