2023 Chevrolet Silverado EV expects to start at $50,000

Chevrolet hasn't revealed all of the details regarding the pickup, but it has stated that it will be built in Michigan at the same plant as the Hummers.

We all knew it was coming, and now we know for sure: Chevy will produce an electric version of their 2023 Chevrolet Silverado EV pickup truck. This next Chevy EV will compete against the impending electric Ford F-150 and the myriad other electric trucks anticipated to enter the market shortly, as it will be made at the same factory as the GMC Hummer EV truck and SUV models.

It will employ GM’s Ultrium battery packs and will have a range of up to 400 miles on a single charge, according to the company.

Chevy also revealed that the electrified Silverado will be available in both fleet and retail variants. Its anticipated arrival will have no effect on the gasoline-powered Silverado for the time being, as Chevy has announced that the current internal-combustion Silverado lineup will be updated in the 2022 model year.


The 2023 Chevrolet Silverado EV should appear a more conventional take on an electric pickup truck, although sharing its electric engine with the bombastic GMC Hummer EV. According to reports, a big battery pack can deliver up to 400 miles of range for each charge.

The Silverado EV, like the Hummer vehicles, will likely be available with up to three electric motors, depending on trim, and all-wheel drive will almost certainly come standard. Chevrolet hasn’t revealed all of the details regarding the pickup, but it has stated that it will be built in Michigan at the same plant as the Hummers. The Silverado EV will face heavy competition when it goes on sale, including the Ford F-150 Electric and upstart alternatives like the Rivian R1T and the Tesla Cybertruck.

What’s New for the Year 2023?

The Chevrolet Silverado EV will be a new addition to the portfolio, debuting in 2023 and going on sale in early 2024. Chevrolet has yet to reveal pricing or trim options for the Silverado EV, but it has stated that a stripped-down version for fleet buyers will be available at a low starting price. With its low-cost Work Truck and mid-range LT grades, the gasoline-powered Silverado follows a similar formula.

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Larger-priced luxury consumer variants, such as the LTZ and High Country, are also expected to provide additional creature comforts and potentially trick features derived from the Hummer EV, but will undoubtedly cost a higher asking price.

Performance, Engine, and Transmission

Given that the Silverado EV will share a platform and production line with the Hummer EV, it’s highly likely that the two will also share a powertrain. That would mean one, two, or three electric motors depending on trim, with total horsepower ratings as high as 1000 horsepower. All-wheel drive should be standard, although Chevrolet hasn’t revealed all of the details just yet.

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Battery Life, Range, and Charging

The Silverado EV will be powered by GM’s new Ultium battery technology, which can be expanded out to build a 200-kWh battery pack. The Silverado EV will have a range of up to 400 miles per charge, according to Chevrolet. The real-world range will obviously vary, especially when towing, which many pickup truck purchasers will anticipate the Silverado EV to do with moderate ease.