202 notices issued in a 12 months to e-commerce platforms for violations in declaring nation of origin: Govt

The Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) has issued 202 notices in opposition to incorrect declaration of nation of origin on e-commerce platforms in a single 12 months, in accordance with the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public distribution.

The knowledge was shared throughout a press convention on Tuesday by Leena Nandan, Secretary, Department of Consumer Affairs and Nidhi Khare, Additional Secretary within the division.

Khare, who can be the chief commissioner of the CCPA, mentioned that since October 16, 2020, a complete of 217 notices had been issued in opposition to e-commerce corporations for varied violations, of which, the utmost notices (202) had been for incorrect declaration of nation of origin. The different violations included, date of expiry/ greatest earlier than (7 notices), tackle of producer/importer (6), charging greater than MRP (3), non-declaration of MRP (1), non-standard items (1) and internet amount (1).

Of the 202 notices issued below the Legal Metrology Act for declaring incorrect nation of origin, digital merchandise recorded the very best variety of violations with 47 notices, adopted by attire with 35 notices.

Stating that general, 76 corporations have compounded their offences, Khare mentioned an quantity of Rs 42,85,500 has been collected by such compounding. Of the 76 corporations, 69 corporations have compounded their offences associated to the nation of origin.

In a press release, the ministry mentioned, “CCPA has taken suo-moto cognizance of the matter on the basis of complaints received from numerous consumers on the National Consumer Helpline portal.”

“CCPA has sent notice to e-commerce entities for violations reported on their platforms. CCPA has directed such entities to furnish detailed reply as to what are the tangible steps have been taken by them on this matter,” the assertion mentioned.

“CCPA has sent notice to e-commerce entities for violations reported on their platforms. CCPA has directed such entities to furnish detailed reply as to what are the tangible steps have been taken by them on this matter,” the assertion mentioned.

Stating that the CCPA has taken “strong action” on violations of client rights, the assertion mentioned, “In a run-up to the festive season, CCPA took stringent action to safeguard consumer interests.”

“CCPA is continually monitoring the e-commerce landscape in India to take immediate cognizance of violations under the Consumer Protection Act and the E-Commerce Rules, 2020,” the assertion mentioned.

“Rule 6(5)(d) of the Consumer Protection (E-commerce) Rules, 2020 mandate any seller offering goods or services through a marketplace e-commerce entity to provide all relevant details about the goods and services offered for sale by the seller including country of origin, necessary for enabling the consumer to make an informed decision at the pre-purchase stage,” the assertion mentioned.

“Rule 4(3) further stipulates that no e-commerce entity shall adopt any unfair trade practice, whether in the course of business on its platform or otherwise,” it mentioned.

“Since LM (Packaged Commodity) Rules also mandate declaration of country of origin on e-commerce platforms, CCPA is also working in coordination with the Legal Metrology Department for necessary action under the Legal Metrology Act,” the assertion mentioned.

The assertion additional mentioned, “It has come to the notice of CCPA that some marketplace e-commerce entities are not complying with Rule 5(3)(e) of the E-Commerce Rules, 2020 which mandates every marketplace e-commerce entity to prominently display to its users, in a clear and accessible manner at an appropriate place on its platform all information provided to it by sellers under sub-rule (5) of rule 6 including the name, contact numbers and designation of the grievance officer for consumer grievance redressal or for reporting any other matter. Hence, consumers are unable to get redressal of their grievances from sellers on such platforms.”

“Due to lack of required information, a consumer is ill-informed about the product or service. Without any information of name, contact number and designation of grievance officer of seller, published on the platform, a consumer has no choice but to contact the marketplace e-commerce entity in case of any grievance,” it mentioned.

“In its review, CCPA has found that marketplace e-commerce entities are giving run-of-the-mill reply to consumers stating that they are only intermediaries and are not liable for any grievance with regard to the product and it is the seller who is responsible for any liability arising out of purchase made on its platform,” it mentioned.

“Hence, CCPA has issued Advisory to all marketplace e-commerce platforms on 01.10.2021 for displaying information provided by sellers as per the E-Commerce Rules, 2020,” it added.